Tryout Questions and Answers

Transition to Competitive Soccer at Pride Soccer Club

Here are some answers to common questions regarding tryouts for competitive soccer at Pride. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, comments or concerns.

What will the format of the Try-out look like?
We’ll do a combination of technical exercises, small-sided games, and full-field scrimmages in order to determine the technical ability of all of the players and suitability for 9v9 format.

How will the players be evaluated?
We look at the 4 pillars of a player: technical ability, tactical acumen, psychological make-up, and physical abilities.  Are players being creative and positive in their play and reacting to the game?  Ultimately, we want to see if players are comfortable on the ball and if they make good decisions on the field.

How will the players be grouped?
Obviously, we will need to divide the players up into groups and there will be significant movement from group to group during the 3 days of tryouts.  Just because a player is moved to a different group does not necessarily mean that that is where they will end up or that it is a positive or negative statement about their performance.  Players will be assigned numbers based on their last name.

Do the players need to be at all 3 nights of the Try-out?
Ideally, yes they do.  In the event of a conflict, please tell us in advance that your child may be absent so that we can plan accordingly.

Is there really any need for a Try-out?
Yes!  While we evaluate players as much as possible throughout the year, whether in Academy training, Intermediate sessions or in weekend games, including Developmental games, we need to make comparisons in our own controlled environment.  There are also typically a number of new players who we have not seen before who come to try-out every year.  Players will be selected entirely on merit and not according to where they have played previously, whether at Pride or another environment or whether from our Academy system or Developmental soccer.

Is it important that I attend the pre-Try-out scrimmages?
Yes, the more that we are able to see your child perform, the better.  A lot of pressure can be placed on players in a Try-out situation, especially when it is a new experience for them.  We hope to be able to see the true ability of each player over an extended period.  The scrimmages will be at the Pride Complex on May 16th.

May 16th, 6-7 PM – Developmental and Intermediate Boys & Girls Born in 2008

When will the teams be formed and when should I expect a phone call?
While it is a 3 day try-out, we will form our rosters as soon as possible during the process so that everyone receives a phone call in a timely fashion.  Obviously, the second and third teams can’t be formed until the first team has been confirmed and so we will go in order and aim to complete the process by June 3rd.

Do I have to accept the offer of placement and how long do I have to decide?
We appreciate that this can be a stressful time and also that players want to be able to play with their friends.  We will place each child in what we deem to be the most appropriate environment for their development and a place for them to reach their full potential.  That is not to say that you have to accept our offer.  If you need time to think things over, we will invite you to go ahead and do so though we obviously have to communicate that there will be others affected and that they deserve to be notified of their placement in a timely fashion.

Parental Involvement at the Try-outs
Parents will be asked to sit away from the field during the Try-outs.  We will not have parents sit by the side of the field as we need to be able to communicate directly with the players without them being distracted.

How do Pride’s teams differ?
We will form as many competitive teams as we are able to and those teams will be placed by the State Association based on our recommendations and our past history in competition.  There are multiple divisions within Colorado, all of which will require travel to home and away games within the state on weekends.  Teams will also play in some local tournaments during their first year of competitive play. Our top two teams potentially travel to one out of state event in the Spring of 2018.  Teams train three times per week during the fall and spring seasons. In addition, there is typically indoor training and involvement in Pride’s indoor futsal league in the winter.  Commitment to each team is expected and set by the coach immediately following Try-outs.  Team disclosure forms will go out at the Try-out so that everyone is aware of the time and monetary commitment prior to accepting a spot.

How many players will there be on each roster?
Roster sizes differ from team to team as we seek to find the most appropriate spot for each player.  We want to ensure adequate playing time for all players so that they can develop so we do not fill each roster to its maximum.  Rosters at U11 will be around 12-13 with some exceptions.  All of our U11 teams will play the 9v9 format.

Can my child play multiple sports?
Yes!!!  It is a popular myth that Pride players can’t have multiple commitments or play several sports.  We have world-class athletes on some of our older Predator teams at the moment.  Those teams require great commitment, but we feel that well-rounded athletes can contribute significantly to our program and we will not discourage players from sampling what is out there.  Players and parents alike should simply communicate with the coach ahead of time and work together to ensure a positive experience for all concerned.  The same goes obviously for school and extra-curricular activities.

What should I do next?
Register for the Try-out at and come to our pre-Try-out scrimmages.  If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kristie Braunston (Senior Girls Director of Coaching, U11-U14) or Brian Contreras (Senior Boys Director of Coaching, U11-U14).

Try-outs will be at the Pride Complex (Boys) and El Pomar (Girls) on May 29, 30 & 31.  Full information can be found on the website.


Karina Tominello
Girls Director of Coaching U9-U11 Girls

Brian Contreras
Senior Director of Coaching, U11-14 Boys