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Pride Soccer Club

Tryout Registration Instructions

Online Tryout Registration Instructions:

• Go to

• If you are new to the club you will click on LOG IN and then underneath the log in button you will see:  Don’t have an account? Register Now. Click on Register Now.  

• All the initial information will be yours as the parent. It will then ask you to add participants. This is where you will add your player/players information.   

• If you already have an account you will just log into your account. Once you are in your account you will click on Register Now

• If you have just created an account it will take you directly to available programs to register for. You will select Competitive Fall/Spring 2020/2021 tryouts for your program and then scroll to the bottom and select continue. 

• On the next page is the medical release form. Please take the time to fill this out in full as this is what gets printed for the team manager for the year. 

• If there is something in the medical release that does not apply you can put NA in that line so you can continue on.  

• On the next page, click the box on bottom right that says “I do not wish to volunteer at this time” and click Continue. 

• On the next page you will see a zero balance due as there is no fee for tryouts. Click on Continue. 

• On the next page you can choose to make a donation or click on the bottom one that says “ I do not wish to contribute at this time.”  Click Continue.

• On the next page you just need to click on Submit Order and you have completed the tryout registration.