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Development Academy FAQ

Developmental Academy (DA) Program FAQ


What will the format of the tryout look like?
We’ll do a combination of technical exercises, small-sided games, and full-field scrimmages in order to determine the technical ability of all of the players and suitability for the 9v9 and 11 v 11 formats.

How will the players be evaluated?
Players will be evaluated primarily in these four areas PSIA – Personality, Skill, Intelligence and Athleticism

How will the players be grouped?
The players are divided into groups based on their current teams and ongoing evaluations throughout the year. There will be movement from group to group during the two day tryout based on each player’s individual performance level.

Do the players need to be at both nights of the tryout?
Yes, they do. In the event of a conflict, please tell us in advance that your child may be absent so that we can plan accordingly.

Is there really any need for a tryout?
Yes. While we evaluate players as much as possible throughout the year, the coaches need to make comparisons in our own controlled environment. There are also a number of players new to the club who come to tryouts every year. Players will be selected on merit and not necessarily according to where they have played previously.

When will the teams be formed and when should I expect a phone call?
Teams will be formed after the May identification sessions, and will be contacted by the specific head coach. We will offer supplemental DA Identification sessions mid July to finalize all DA rosters.

Parental Involvement at the tryouts
Parents will be asked to sit away from the field during the tryouts. We will not have parents sit by the side of the field as we need to be able to communicate directly with the players without them being distracted.

How many players will there be on each roster?
Roster sizes differ from team to team as we seek to find the most appropriate spot for each player. Rosters sizes for U11 – U12 typically range from 12-14 players with some exceptions, and roster sizes for U13 -- U14 typically range from 15-17 players with some exceptions.

Can my child play multiple sports?
Yes!!! It is a popular myth that Pride players cannot have multiple commitments or play several sports. We have world class athletes on many of our teams at the moment. Those teams require great commitment, but we feel that well-rounded athletes can contribute significantly to our program. We will not discourage players from sampling what is out there. Players and parents, alike, should simply communicate with the coach ahead of time and work together to ensure a positive experience for all concerned.


Brian Contreras
Senior Boys Director of Coaching/U11-14 Boys & DA
719 597-6700 x203
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