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Juggling is a fundamental skill that establishes an individual’s touch and confidence on the ball. It is an opportunity to get a variety of touches on the ball with different surfaces of the body such as feet, thigh, chest, and head. Juggling can also improve a player’s concentration, coordination, consistency, and balance. It is a fun and unique way to challenge and enhance a player’s individual ability in any environment.

The Pride Soccer Juggling Club is FREE and open to anyone within Pride Soccer; age, gender, and ability do not matter! The juggling club has been established to further encourage a player’s individual drive, passion, and enjoyment of soccer. This is also an opportunity for players to take responsibility for their development, specifically becoming more technically sound and confident with the ball.

The best part about the Pride Juggling Club is that it can be done anywhere at any time; on the soccer field, in a park, backyard or even in a mall! A player can juggle in the morning, at lunch or late a night. Juggling can be done stationary or while on the move! There no set time, day or location!

In order to receive your FREE Pride Juggling Club T-Shirt, each individual will need to email Brian Contreras, [email protected] with the number of consecutive juggles, t-shirt size, current team and player name. In sending the email, it is appreciated if the sender puts “Juggling Club” in the subject line.


A player between the ages of u7-9 may start a juggle with their hands. All players from u10+ must start a juggle with their feet.

The ball cannot touch the ground; it must be kept up consecutively with their feet, thighs, chest, or head. If a ball does touch the ground, the player must start back at zero.


Beginner: 50 consecutive juggles

           Receives a FREE Black Pride Juggling Club T-Shirt

Intermediate: 250 consecutive juggles.

           Receives a FREE Red Pride Juggling Club T-Shirt

Advanced: 500 consecutive juggles

           Receives a FREE White Pride Juggling Club T-Shirt

Master: 1,000 consecutive juggles

           Receives a FREE Gold Pride Juggling Club T-Shirt

Grand Master: 2,500+ consecutive juggles

           Receives a FREE Yellow Pride Juggling Club T-Shirt & Mini-Ball


Email Brian Contreras, [email protected] 

Provide T-Shirt Size in the body of the email

It is important to remember that the Pride Juggling Club is open to anyone, registration is FREE & continually open

Pride Director of Coaches Introduce the Pride Juggling Club!