Congratulations To The Winners of Pride Of The Rockies

Congratulations to the Pride teams who tasted success at this year’s Pride Of The Rockies tournament at the Air Force Academy.  Thanks also to all who attended to make it a great event.

Pictured above are the Predator 05 Girls, coached by Jack Butler, White 06 Girls, coached by Chris Campbell; United 06 Boys, coached by Keron Singh and the White 07 Girls, coached by Don Smith and John Clark.  Don recently returned from life-saving surgery and has travelled a long but successful road to recovery.  Here, he is presented by Savannah Boarman, a former Predator 96 player and current member of the UCCS Women’s team.

Thank you to the ladies of UCCS for your efforts in presenting the winners and finalists with their medals and trophies.

Special mentions to the following teams…

02G Copa – Champions

03G Predators – Champions

04G Predators – Champions

04G Copa – Champions

05G Predators – Champions

05G Red – Champions

05G White – Champions

06G Copa – Champions

06G White – Champions

07G Predators – Champions

07G United – Finalists

07G White – Champions

08G White – Finalists


07B United – Champions

08B United – Champions

06B Predators – Champions

06B Copa – Finalists

06B Red – Champions

05B ECNL – Finalists

05B Copa – Champions

05B United – Finalists

05B Red – Finalists

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