Pride Guatemala Trip – June 30th, Blog

Today in Guatemala we woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get on the bus for a 2 hour drive to our hotel by Lake Atitlan. We got our breakfasts to go and when we got on the bus we all were tired and most of the kids and adults slept for some of the ride. There was a lot of traffic once we got to the busier part of the street. The traffic took an extra hour to get through and when we took a quick pit stop at Pueblo Real we still had an hour till our hotel, but while we were in Pueblo Real everyone either got a hot chocolate or a coffee. We also had beans with cheese on a tortilla which was a pretty good snack. There was also a cookie that coach Lou gave us to dip in the hot chocolate which was a good dessert to our snack.


After everyone was back at the outside of the bus we counted off to make sure that we had everybody and then got back in the bus for the other hour of driving to the hotel. The drive to Lake Atitlan was a lot better because there was not as much traffic. Some people went back to sleep but once we got to the lake we woke everyone up to see the insane view of the volcanoes surrounding the lake. The bus stopped so we could take some pictures from above and then we drove down to our hotel. We looked around the hotel and then we had to get our rooms but check in wasn’t until 4 so we had some time to kill. The group decided we were going to go on a boat ride on the lake and maybe jump in off the boat. So, everybody grabbed their bags and lunch and got on the boat. For lunch, we had a hamburger with chips and a Coca-Cola. Once we got out further into the lake most of the team put our feet in the water from the back of the boat but it was windy so coach BC said that we weren’t going to be able to jump off the boat. The group was just enjoying the views of nature as the boat took us back to land.

After the boat ride it still wasn’t 4 so nobody could get in their room, so there was still some time to kill so the kids and some adults went in the hotel pool to swim and go down the slide. Once 4 o’clock came around we got out of the pool and got our room keys. Everyone had about a little less than an hour to relax before dinner. All the players and chaperones walked to dinner which was probably about a 10 min walk from our hotel. For dinner, we had cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and vegetable pizza which everyone liked. After our dinner, we had a meeting about our game the for next day and ended the meeting with a group prayer. When the meeting was finished we all went to our rooms to settle down and prep for the game. Our curfew was 9 o’clock so we could get some much needed rest for our game the next day.

Jason Goering

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